Invitation to Your Hero’s Journey

If you are a therapist and would like to curiously and openly join this worldwide opensource experience, this website can publish your contact details, so that experiencers can contact you.

If you are an experiencer, please find a therapist from the list below. We hope some therapists will join. You can help this process by informing therapists in your country about the idea. Be the change you want to see happening.

Start right now! 🙂

If you don’t find a therapist easily, spread the word in your country, in your language, create a website for that like this one, and thereby: create your future therapist and this way, you will help very many other souls, as well. Not just human souls, but the building up of the connection between extraterrestrial and human civilizations. You can be a part of that! Start right now!

Why join?

Why would I give my name for such an initiative?

Join the list of ExoHellinger Therapists and join those who build the future. Join those who help humanity and extraterrestrial civilizations come together in peace.

This is a small fresh market niche that can enhance your base of clientele, the number of souls you can be of tremendous help to.

The creator of this website would be most happy if this website would become a small hub for Extraterrestrial-Reproductory-Experience experiencers and their Helinger family constellation therapists:

Give your contact details so that they will be published on the Therapists List subpage!

Contact Form for Hellinger Family Constellation Therapists: