Dear All,

This (transcipt for a future) audio message is about Bert Hellinger’s Family constellation therapy and exopolitics. I encourage you to listen to this message and get to action with it.

Phase 1

Many of you who studied exopolitics may know that we humans are a hybrid race by nature. We are a result of at least 22 species, according to Alex Collier, Corey Goode, and many other sources corroborate that we are the genetic combination of several species.

This mutual effort of these civilizations may have various reasons behind it.
One of it is that these species have been in the cosmos for tens of billions of years and therefore they in number are also in the tens of billions. We know that after a set of individuals inbreeding starts to take place and the genome begins to deteroirate.

So they need refreshment. But other species had suffered from the same problem. So they had to come together and together form a new species in the hope that in the future that species will evolve to a degree where they can breed with that species.

And this is the point where we have to mention spirituality.

Because they wouldn’t have to wait for that new species (that is us, terran humans) to develop, because they have already got the new mixed DNA. But here comes the magic: they don’t just want to maintain their physical existence. They know that the law of this universe is to evolve, to live in a more fuller way, in every good sense.

And it so happens that the DNA is not just a biophysical material. It has a spiritual component to it. Bloodlines and DNA have a spiritual component to them. Even our, from a galactic viewpont, primitive mainstream science has discovered for example what they call, phantom DNA. And that the DNA can change, based on our thoughts, and our thoughts and behaviours are influenced by our DNA.

So they wanted to develop spiritually, and that is, what requires time. Because there are a set of souls who are needed to incarnate into the bodies of the individuals of that new species, and those souls wanted to go through a huge evolutionary way, a grandious Hero’s Journey, so that the Soul of the Cosmos can evolve.

Duality is needed for the spiritual realm, to experience its opposite in a virtual game called the manifested universe, to be able to grasp the meaning and quality of the positive attributes it has: love, peace, togetherness, joy. If you always exist in such qualities, you don’t even know they are. If you always ever experience a certian taste on your tongoue, you don’t even know that there are tastes as such. So you as souls have to have something different than the positive attributes of the spiritual realm.

And for this reason is the world of polarity created as a virtual world, as a second type of existence for souls. Especially our third dimensional virtual reality, which is the densest.

How is this connected to exopolitics?

Our biggest purpose on Earth is to arrive to the union of the polarities. To unite what seemingly is ununiteable. To experience and thereby and thereafter integrate different, opposite realites, in order to come up at the end of this global and inter-incarnational Hero’s Journey to that which we might call Christ Consciousness. In this context this word “christ” refers to that which incorporates but also exceeds, transcends duality. We might also call it integral consciousness.

This is a quality that is higher in quality, deeper in its meaning, than the original state of the beings of the spiritual realms, where there has not yet been polarity. We Earthly humans are now in the midst of polarity. And there is a state, which is after polarity.

Like when a person, who doesn’t know violence because he’s a half year old baby, then he grows up and he fights his classmates, then his colleagues at his work place, than his future family members, and coming closte to the second half or to the ending decades of his life, he realizes that there is a state beyond cruelty, rivalry, getting into oppisition with the other, and he realizes that although he is still capable of doing this, he now is able to react to people’s such behaviour without acting like them himself. This is what I call the mature manager. The CEO who fought to the top, and realizes there is a world beyond war. Not before war. Not as a little pause in time between two wars. But beyond war as such.

So on a planetary level, we go through this type of evolution of the mind of the soul. The collective earthly psyche, which is connected to the corporeal human brain, so that has to evolve too, in order for the souls to evolve and to be able to realize in the manifested earthly world this inner understanding. The ungraspable soul’s evolution, and the evolution of the human brain and the human DNA, go hand in hand and need each other.

So, the extraterrestrials came together to form this collective experience with our collective cooperative agreement. For the reason to create a type of consciousness that has never been present in the totality of the universe. And that consciousness would give the necessary spiritual, and since it is connected to DNA, the necessary DNA-related evolution for at least all the species in the universe that are connected to us through the original hybridization program.

Phase 2

Now, we know that in the recent decades, abduction experiences have become way more frequent than ever, especially after the detonation of the first nuclear bombs. There are famous researches in the field of exopolitics, such as Mary Rodwell, Barbara Lamb (that is L A M B), Dolores Cannon, and not specifically connected to exopolitics, but she still has a great research base, P.M.H. Atwater. I also mention the name of Suzanne Hansen, who is already a second type hybrid human. I will get back to this in a minute.

So Mary Rodwell, Barbara Lamb and in the past, Dolores Cannon, are researchers in the field that involves the experiences of reproductory activities among extraterrestrials and humans. Especially Barbara Lamb has such clients.

Those women who had an interbreeding experience, with male extraterrestrials, have babies from that experience who do not live on Earth. They live with their extraterrestrial parent. And those beings love this earthly mother. They consider her as family. And oftentimes, this earthly mother is not shown that baby for a long time after the interbreeding process, but after a time they show her what they together created. A bridge between species. Between cultures. Between fates.

And so even the reptilians who are usually known for their cruel nature, respect us humans so much that not only were they or some reptilian species part of the original cosmic interbreading process to create us, but now, and listen very closely to what I will say now, pay very close attention to what I will say now, they ate from the fruit of the tree of life. Extraterrestrials ate from the fruit of the tree of life. That fruit is our DNA. That tree is our species.

The gardener, the custodian of this zooligical garden, are them. They are our fathers and mothers, and also our brothers and sisters as well. They are beyond us, but not greater than us. We are equals. We help each others. They created a playground for our billions of souls to develop and bring something for the Universe, for the Father-Mother of the Cosmos, that has never ever existed before. Integral consciousness.

And they created a physical-level DNA upgrade opportunity for themselves, which also involves a spiritual upliftment for them as well.

Now, they have eaten from the fruit of the tree of life. These are big words. Because now they owe us. It is them who owe us. They have a karma to balance. Because we helped them with our pure existence. We have a positive karma in relation to them. We gave them a gift, now it is their turn.

It is for this reason that they will save humanity. On the long run. And the whole of humanity. They need us, they owe us, we are family to them so they love us and they are our close relatives, we are one family.

As mentioned earlier, polarity is created for the beings of light to experience the meaning and depth, the value of the positive attributes, features of the realm they live in. To achieve this, they create a realm that really does not exist, it is virtual, it is the realm of polarity. Our 3D world is the densest example for that. In this virtual reality, in this organic holographic computer game, they introduce attributes that do not really exist. They are the lack of the existing positive attributes, features of the spiritual realm. These are: fear, greed, jealousy, envy, hatred, wish to kill, desire to cause suffering, love of power, clinging to power.

What I will now say is important. These negative attributes are absolutely necessary for us souls to discover who we really are, how incredibly valuable our true nature is, how beautiful the qualities of our home truly are. Because without the opposites, we would have no basis of comparison.

The second reason to have this polarity is go beyond it, and seed, plant the realized, the newly re-recognized positive attributes that are missing on this plane of existence, so that after having learned their value by experiencing their opposites, we can bring down heaven to earth. We can manifest our home’s positive attributes here in the physical realm, thereby integrating it with the spiritual realm. Wow. So we are capable of integrating this reality that is the farthest imaginable from the qualities of our divine home, with the spiritual realm.

This is what exists already in the higher dimensions of this universe, but referring back to the formerly mentioned metaphor of the evolving manager, it is the state of the baby. Basically, mostly, before polarity.

The job ouf 3D humans is to get that job done in the densest realm possible, thereby creating a cathartic union that has never ever existed in the entire limitless universe, in the mind of the Divine.

The Divine awaits our evolvement because it has never experienced this before. It is one thing to know something in theory, and it is another thing to experience it.

Phase 3

Now to Bert Hellinger’s family constellation therapy. The Hellinger family constellation is a complementary psychological type of therapy, that works on the systemic level, that is now accepted by mainstream psychology. It is accepted by mainstream psychology.

The basis of it is that there is a person, who has a problem in his life, for example she never manages to keep her children, they always die very young, and she asks a few persons in the room to be so kind to be a representative for the people in her life that are relevant to the problem, be it people from her past or in her present days. So these people in the room, who have never ever met this lady of our example, will be representatives of people in her life. Her past sexual mates, her past babies. And because of the so called morphogenic field, these strangers will be exact matches, I repeat it, exact matches, to those people in the clients life. It is not magic, it is collective pshyce, it is the morphogenic field, it is the quantum hologram nature of our cosmos.

So the family constellation works with people who have something in common, be it a nation or a family. It is based on the morphogenic field, that connects us all. There is a stronger connection with people who have something close to do with one another.

When someone has an interbreeding process, a reproductory activity, with a human or with an extraterrestrial, a bond is created. This bond will have an effect. This bond will influence the two and the whole family, the whole system.

This bond can be handled with respect or without that. The relationship can come to end, and it can be finished in an unworthy way, or with respect. Not necessarily with love, but with respect. People who onces were part of the family, for however short a period of time, are part of that family. They have their place in that family. They have to be respected as part of the family. They deserve it, because it is the law of nature. They have to be properly bemoaned, given the respect for the time they have spent here, for the love they have tought or have given and they have to be given their way to the upper realms, to go on on their journey. And they have to be remembered as part of the family and given the proper respect, because that is the law and order of the universe.

So Bert Hellinger discovered that nature has three laws to it, in terms of relationships.
First law is the order of arrival. Whoever came first, is the first in an absolute way, even if that baby passed away very early and the world only knows the second child. In front of the world, the second child is the first child. But in reality, in the order of the universe, he is the second child, and it is a good enough place. The first baby deserves respect because it is a natural law of this universe, it cannot be changed.

The second law is the law of inhesion, togetherness, belonging together. Similar to the first one, but has its diference. Those who were once part of a family, a nation, in our exopolitical case now, a species, are still and forever part of that group. They are unalienable. They cannot be made seperate because they belong their. In what order, it is another question, it is the first law, but they belong there. They are us. We are together. We belong to each other. We have each other. We have each other for each other. We are there for the other. It might not be the nicest relationship, because we all have differences in our set of values and personalities, but we still are one group. Of love, however small or big that love is.

The third law is the law place. If I am the son, I have my mother and my father, however lonely my mother is in that relationship, I must not rise to the power of my father to substitute him for my mother. Although this happens so to speak, naturally, as a natural mistake, but this also happens from love, this has to be corrected. My father cannot be forced out of his role as a father. Me the child, even if I have my own family, in relation to them, I am a child, I cannot raise to the power of my father in their relationship. And also, a mother cannot become a girlfriend of her daughter, a father cannot disrespect his son as if he was another man competing for the one woman they have. There has to be a respect of places, however hard those situations are, and however deep a love that is that would subconsciously, force one to unknowingly disrespect the natural laws that govern those who belong together.

And now here comes a trick. This will be important, pay close attention.

There is the morphogenic field, that makes sure, that the laws of nature are on the long run, obeyed to. Because order has to be maintained in the universe. There may pass generations cumulating the original mistake, when one of the three laws were bent to the level of being broken, but ultimately order shall prevail. Here is the important thing: if we know the rules, we don’t have to commit the mistakes. We can be a partner to the cosmic order. We can work together with it. We can turn it into our ally. Or rather, ourselves to its ally.

Now back to exopolitics

Those abductees, or phenomena experiencers, who consciously or in a regression therapy, realize that they had some type of a reproductory intercourse with a nonhuman, be it of a physical body or a not physical body, they are now part of a family outside our planet. And that family is part of our Humanity. That extraterrestrial familty is part of our Humanity’s Family.

Extraterrestrials, who make a second hybridization of our species, become real close family. We belong together. What we evolve on a collective consciousness level, they evolve as well, because our DNA is common and because DNA is the conductor of consciousness.

My offer

So it is suggested by Exopolitics Hungary, by me personally, for the exopolitical community of our current times, to get in touch with Bert Hellinger family constellation therapists, and with such experiencers that I have talked about, whom Barbara Lamb talks a lot about in her youtube video presenations, and get these people together for a set of experiements to see what comes up, when the representatives of the terran-intergalactic, of the human-nonhuman family come together in a constellation.

The tweak in this

I would suggest that clairvoyant, and clairaudient people take a seat and take part in these constellation events. They will be excellent, sensitive, conductors of information that those extraterrestrial societies might be able to conduct to us through them as their representative during the family constellation therapy event.

The idea is this simple, let us have Bert Hellinger family constellation therapy events, where the client is a person who had sexual intercourse with an alien, who either has since then been shown his or her human-alien hybrid baby or not, and let us have some clairvoyant, clairaudient people as part of the constellation, specifically as the representative of that baby and its extraterrestrial mother or father.

This way we could gain such information, even if we don’t use people with gifted psychic abilities, that otherwise would not be available to humanity, because no exopolitical regression therapist has done such events, and very few family constellation therapists can accept this reality, not to mention, work with it.

So I ask you to find family constellation therapists, who accept with convenience of mind that these interbreeding phenonema exist, who have watched videos of Barbara Lamb, or Mary Rodwell, or Suzanne Hansen, or Dolores Cannon, and who are willing to work in an experiemental way to get this knowledge to Humanity, to serve the bigger whole in a such altruistic way, who are curious about what might come out of this.

If you are one of those therapists or you have listened to this material a long time ago and now have come back and now are ready for this Hero’s Journey of yours that is also the collective Hero’s Journey of us, Humanity, please write to me on, I repeat it, please type it now into another window of your browser, I wait until you open it, ………., , and on the Contact menu point, send a message to me.

I will look at the messages folder once a week, not more often, maybe if very few people write, every two week, and my purpose with this is to show your name and whatever address you want to share, like your website and email address, so that abductees, and phenomena experiencers of the extraterrestrial interbreeding kind, can get in touch with you and also for clairvoyants and clairaudient people to get in touch with you.

So if you are a clairvoyants and clairaudient and would like to freely, altruistically contribute to such Bert Hellinger familty constellation therapies, please also write so that I can display your availabilities, phone number of email or web address.

You do not need this webpage, though, if you take to time to get in touch with family constellation therapists in your country, your city or neighbourhood, you can do this without my help.

Whether you use my website or not, the important thing would be that you feed back the knowledge learnt there.

This is important. The purpose of this whole audio message is that humanity could gain the knowledge that comes up in these hybrid themed family constellation therapies. So please share that knowledge, you can create your own website for that, you can write a book about that, you can collect your own set of such therapists and psychicly gifted people and affected future participants in order to bring them together for such family constellation therapies, just share the knowledge (of course, with full respect of privacy and local laws and legal obligations).

It is up to you where you feed that knowledge back to. The correct way for me now is to refer to myself, because I haven’t asked either Mary Rodwell (or her new website, or Barbara Lamb or to Suzanne Hansen or to Alfred Webre, or to Rebecca Hardcastle if they were open to this, but if I had the privilage to take part in such a constellation, I would surely inform these people who have a respect in the exopolitical community. So you can write your findings to , you can post them to your own website, I do not want to make anything out of this, neither a book, nor fame, you can legally, freely steal this whole idea from me, I don’t mind my ego, I just realized that this would be a great opportunity for humanity to gain a deeper understanding of our widening and deepening family relationships with our extraterrestrial family members.

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Why would I give my name for such an initiative?

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This is a small fresh market niche that can enhance your base of clientele, the number of souls you can be of tremendous help to.

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